Meet the Team

I could not be more proud of my team!

Our front desk is super nice, meticulous, and experienced. Likewise, our assistants are friendly, kind, and caring. Everyone is skilled and has great expertise. They also constantly seek to better themselves, expanding their professional knowledge, and improving the care they provide. My team is dedicated to our patients’ happiness and wellbeing, and truly cares about the person who owns the smile.

We all look after and support one another. This allows us to provide the best orthodontic treatment experience – and deliver the most amazing smiles – to our patient family!

~ Dr. Sebastian Rodriguez


Scheduling Coordinator

I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a proud United States Navy Veteran. I enjoy bringing forth my true southern hospitality and treat everyone like family. Dr. Rodriguez is an outstanding Orthodontist who cares about his patients and staff inside and out! We are like a big family including our wonderful patients, I couldn't ask for anything better!

I am one of the first bright smiling faces both patients and parents will meet at the office. I handle paperwork, verify benefits, file insurance claims, process payments, and schedule appointments. I am here to help in any way I can to make your lives a breeze!

Most of my free time consist of my wonderful family. My husband Justin and our beautiful girls, Madison and Alanie. We are also fur parents of three energetic dogs, Angel (American Pitbull), Marilynn (Toy Poodle), and Xena (Brindle Bullmastiff). Alongside my busy life with my family; I enjoy cooking, listening to music, and relaxing whenever I can.



Front Desk

I love developing personal relationships with our patients and families: it’s fun to see how each person grows during treatment and share in that experience! Dr. Rodriguez is an amazing orthodontist who really cares about our patients, beyond their teeth, and he’s assembled a team that shares his passion. We are like a family and our patients are a big part of that!

I am one of the first people patients and parents meet at the office. I greet everyone, handle their paperwork and contracts, verify benefits, and file insurance claims. I also answer our phones and schedule appointments, finding times that fit with people’s busy lives.

Most of my free time is spent with my family. My husband Jay I have a daughter, Skylar. We share our lives with two dogs, Bentley and Mally, and a cat named Panda. We enjoy fishing trips and going to the beach.



Orthodontic Assistant

I am originally from Venezuela, where I was a pediatric dentist and professor at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Having been in the doctor side of the chair, it is very humbling to work as an assistant. I have been able to learn so much about orthodontics from my son, Dr. Rodriguez, which makes me very proud! I am so happy to be able to support him in this endeavor. I am very proud of him and all he has achieved. I love our little work family!

I enjoy all aspects of dental care, and this is a great way to enjoy my retirement! It is also a great way for me to improve my English and allows me to spend time with my beautiful grandchildren!

When I’m not at work, I enjoy eating out and trying new foods, and I love to dance with my husband, Romulo! I have two beautiful children and four smart and beautiful grandchildren!



Orthodontic Assistant

I began my career in dentistry in 1992 and am excited to be a part of the Braces in Sugarland team! I work hard to make sure each person feels welcome, safe, and comfortable during their visit. I love talking with people and learning about their lives.

Our team creates a very positive environment and makes everyone feel at home. Working in a positive, fun practice, where everything we do is focused on making our patients and their families happy, is fulfilling. Coming to work every day is a lot of fun, too!

At home, I have two dogs that keep me busy along with my teenage daughter. I love spending time with my daughter as much as possible—we enjoy watching movies, going to the beach, and shopping!



Financial Coordinator

I bring my years of experience as a project manager to the practice. Dr. Rodriguez lets the team know we’re part of the practice’s future and encourages us to continually grow professionally. Our staff members are kind and committed to treating the patients with respect and compassion.

I handle the business end of the practice, keeping everything organized and up-to-date. This ensures we’re stable and able to provide the highest quality care while growing the practice.

My wife, Marielena, and I have two kids (Dr. Rodriguez is our son), and four grandchildren. I treasure time with them, along with my other great passion: music! I love to play the drums.


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